Friday, March 28, 2014


I'm pretty much done with work so I've been revisiting the past by reading my old entries and boy has it been entertaining. I'm so glad I had most aspects my life chronicled until, of course, last year when I started to neglect this little online diary. So, in an effort to keep this journal alive, here I am, blogging from work.

Out of the subjects I've discussed here, I think it's the flames that I've had that really provided the most interesting material. I also realized blogging about such encounters allowed me to keep tabs of the type and number of guys I've met, which, I have a feeling, will be beneficial in the long run. So allow me to recall some of my attempts to find (or not) "the one" within the past months.

Let's see. There's that young interior designer from late last year with whom I reunited lately. There's John, someone I had hoped to see again - I just didn't expect it last week when I did, at The Fort. It didn't end well. No. Then there's that balikbayan guy from Australia that I met in Boracay. There's K who kicked off this year's dating life for with me. He was nice but not interested enough for another rendezvous, it seems. There's that one who came to my place but didn't even get past the staircase only because I didn't think it was worth it. Then the Valentine's Day guy. Ugh. I kind of regret that. Another bad idea came in the form of the Japanese-inspired one who lives near Rockwell. That wasn't worth it. Then of course, there's that recent reunion with that guy from last year. He's a controversial case. He breaks my heart and melts it at the same time.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Freaked Out, Fucked Up

I'm close to a meltdown. Work has been super stressful lately. Between writing and styling, there seems to be nothing going right. Ok, maybe that sounds ungrateful. I need a breather. No, I need to work on that revision and get those pull-outs. Oh, fuck it.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Hello

Hello, I'm alive. So busy with work lately. I'm on the brink.

By the way, follow me on Instagram, yeah? totallyscottie

Monday, January 27, 2014

Blogger Be Gone

I don't know about you but Twitter killed the blogger in me. And then there's Instagram. Also, I've been writing for a living so I've pretty much exhausted my vocabulary by the end of the day. I miss blogging but it doesn't seem to be as appealing to me as it used to be. Hopefully, I'd have that eagerness towards yapping about random stuff here once again.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Best of Boracay

Here's a few snapshots from one of my favorite work assignments as of late.

It was a pretty indulgent trip. It would have been more enjoyable though if I didn't have that really bad diarrhea for the most part of my stay. It was horrible. It was so bad I barely slept one night. Shit was practically walking out of my asshole. But hey, I can't complain. At least it kept me from gaining weight.

Fun times.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hickey Horror

Well, I had an interesting weekend.

I hope you had a good one.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Guys, Old Ways

I'm afraid I may be slipping back to my old ways. See, I've been very, very, very careful the past year or so to the point of paranoia. But now that I've finished school and have some spare time after work, I find myself getting bored a lot. But more than boredom, I think it's about time I get over the paranoia and carefully get back in the circuit.

I've going back to the gym for past three weeks now, which is great, but it's also partly because I'd like to be more marketable, so to speak. I was looking really unhealthy about two months ago.

Anyway, I'm back in the game. I think. I want to go on dates and hang out but I haven't really met anyone that I want to be seeing regularly. Well, until last week.

The moment I first saw his profile (online, but of course), I knew there was something. I don't know. I just felt good about him. It wasn't until about a week later that we finally met. It was last Friday night. He looks exactly the same in person as he does in pictures--if not better. He's gentle, smart and nice so when he asked me for the second time that night to sleep over, I just couldn't say no. It was, I think, the happiest I've been, in an intimate way, in a seriously long time. It's that kind of intimacy that makes you dream, that gives you foresight. He snored like crazy, rendering me sleepless. Still, I woke that morning, on his shoulder, with a smile on my face, which lasted throughout that day.

Two nights later, I was back in his place. He was sick but it didn't matter. I just really wanted to see him, which pretty much meant I was fucked and not exactly in the way that I prefer. I was falling too fast, too soon. This time, he fell asleep on my shoulder. With his head next to mine, I endured another night of his heavy snoring. I was a zombie at work the following day.

It has been four days since we last saw each other and I'm almost 100% certain now that everything wasn't I was hoping it to be. I mean, if he was looking for something more worthwhile with me, I'd be there, in his arms and not here, pounding on my keyboard.

Ah, it's good/awful to be back.